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Yeah! Another year is over and we are now in the Middle School. 

It was great to participate in this project, but now it's time to declare this Blog as discontinued! I will preserve the Blog, and leave as a memory ...
Unfortunately the teacher Claudiane no longer works with us! It was great to have her as a teacher of English!
Unfortunately the teacher Claudiane no longer works with us! It was great to have her as a teacher of English!
If the teacher Claudiane want to continue with the blog, even if it is with another class, it is available, talk to me! If any classmate also want to continue the blog contact me! 

I am willing to perform / participate in new projects! 

Already thanks!

Mandaguari, February 27th 2013 - Jonathan Kaizer and Class

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So,  we start one more morning of classes. Today is Friday and our first class at 7:30 is History. We´re studying about Russian Revolution. Our teacher´s name is Ricardo.
At 8:20h our second class starts. Our Geography teacher is Silmara. We´re doing some written activities. We´re at the beginning of a new matter, Globalization and environment.
At 9:10 we start the third class, Art. We´re working on mosaicos. It´s very funny.
10:00 o´clock- Break time! It´s when we take a walk with our friends, have something to eat, we have just  fifteen minutes and we take good advantage of them.  We still have two classes.
The fourth class is Geography  again. We´re going to do a task about Ideological Resourses.
At 11:05 comes the fifth and last class of the week. It´s Art again and we keep on going with our mosaicos, they are beautiful. For this task the class was divided in groups of four students.
At 11:50 we can go back home, after another studying week. We have the afternoon to do our homework  and rest a little.

By: ???

Thursday - Friday

Thursday - Friday 03/22/12. We entered the classroom at 07:30 in the morning, the first two classes were math, and we learned a new subject  “radical simplification”.  In the third class the science homework was corrected and the teacher took a look on the notebooks, and she delivered a puzzle about dengue fever for all of us. In the break we went to the cantine and after we talked a little in the square of the school. The fourth class was history, with teacher Ricardo, we had exercises and explanation of the Russian Revolution. The last lesson was science, with teacher Meire, the teacher continued to give her visas on the notebooks in third class  because there was not enough time in the third class. Then we had new subject on chemistry in the same class. Then the classed were over at 11:50 and we all went back home, to have lunch with our families and rest a little.

By: Jaqueline

Classroom Support

On Mondays and Tuesdays, there are classes to review and give support for some students who have some difficulty on the Portuguese language classes or in  Mathematics.
These classes are always in the other shift.

By: Vanessa

Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Theater
On Tuesday or Thursday, we take part of a theater project in the afternoon, here at school. In this project, we play our roles assisted by teachers, the scenes require formal and free speech. (This refers to the "Theatre project" performed in school)

By: Vanessa Lara


Today we had Portuguese, English, Mathematics and Physical Education classes. At break time, we left for lunch at 10:00 am and returned at 10:20. Classes begin at 7:30 and end at 11:50.

By: Juliana de Canini


Today is Tuesday, our first lesson is Portuguese, the Teacher is Jane. We did a search about bullying, and after prepared some posters.We finished putting on the School wall.

Now is the second class, our math Teacher is  Beth. Today we learn  numerical expressions. In the middle of class we took a break to receive the certificate of the Astronomy Olympiad we had last year.

Our third class is history with teacher Ricardo, we are learning about the Russian Revolution. We have reviewed the contents for a test next Friday.
The fourth class, we´re going to library.
The fifth class is Geography.

By:Stefany Gomes and Stefhany Caroline


Our first class starts a 7:30 am, we did exercises about chemistry in the Science Class.
Our second class starts 8:20 am, today our Physical Education teacher took us to the sports square and we played volleybal.
The third class begins 9:10 am we did exercises using irregular verbs in the English class.
The fourth class begins after break, at 10:20 am. We had one more physical education class, we played hard.
Our fifth and last class starts 11:10 am. The Portuguese teacher was explaining a new matter.
At 11:50 am our classes are over.

By: Isadora and Vanessa
Hi there! We´re the 9th grade A, in Colégio José Luiz Gori, a public school in Mandaguari - Paraná, Brazil.